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Organic Business Advantage is a fast growing consulting and marketing company located in New Milford, Connecticut.  We operate in many different locations throughout the United States, since most of our business is performed online. We have clients in several parts of the U.S and associates located in Florida, California, and Utah. A company focused in interactive marketing, sales growth, and ways to increase revenues with search engine marketing strategy. 

Organic Business Advantage specializes in preparing effective and affordable online advertising campaigns, SEO, e-mail marketing, App development and more.  We strongly believe in our client's sucess, and increasing the total revenue in their business, whether it is by fiding them new customers or by developing beneficial programs to increase sales to existing costumers. A top internet marketing agency with precise services and quality customer service.  

Why hire us

We are a creative marketing agency specialized in proving online marketing and  SEO services channeled to support online advertising campaigns recognized to promote businesses. We are very competitive and work aggressively to achieve the highest results possible in business development.  Our company has strong business etiquette and ethics with noticeable online success indicators.


Organic Business Advantage works very hard to constantly innovate our marketing ideas, we strongly believe strategically planning is the best advantage in the business world and a unique set of skills proven to keep businesses stay ahead of their competitors.


Every day is an exciting day at Organic Business Advantage and we are always learning and developing new ideas for our associates and clientele. We are innovating Ninjas, and that is why business is our passion. Organic Business Revenue is known for its unique and successful way of conducting business, and also for its loyalty to costumers and associates, which we believe to be equally important.  O.b.a developed a unique business plan that is so innovative and proven to get results faster than other advertising campaigns currently being offered by our competitors. Companies associating themselves with us will receive SEO support free of any charge, Organic Business Advantage was created to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals, so please do not hesitate in contacting us. 


I created Oba Revenue to help business owners increase their wealth, therefore I am willing to provide help 100% free of cost.  You might be thinking,  “Why?”  Because of a few reasons, reason number one: In the past I was in position where I could have used some help, reason number two and my main reason is the fact that I love to learn, so please ask me questions, send me your ideas and challenge me as well. If I am asked a question to which I do not have an answer, I will do my best to find you the answer, please allow me approximately and at most 72 hours to reply to your questions, I am asked a lot questions and I answer them in the order which they are received.  By completing our contact form on it enables you to receive newsletter and staying tuned for updates. 

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