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Strategic Planning and Budgeting 

Sales Affiliation


Organic Business Advantage specializes in providing high performance online marketing services designed to increase business revenue.  O.b.a Revenue specializes in providing positive results to business whishing to grow and achieve financial freedom. O.b.a Revenue has put together a team of professional project managers, accountants, marketing specialists and finance counselors available to assist business on their entrepreneurial journey.  Get in contact with us to start taking advantage of these affordable features and start making more money now.

Planning Organically

Organic Advertising is a marking company  guaranteed to boost businesses income revenue, Oba is a fast growing online marketing company designed to effectively develop and bring positive results to businesses.






Optimizing your website properly to target your audience is one the most important things to do after getting a website in order for it to get traffic and conversion. Organic Business Advantage uses marketing ninja techniques to help businesses succeed in their advertising campaigns and increase conversion on websites. We make SEO easy to understand and dedicate our time to provide effective results to our clients; Oba Revenue’s main goal is to increase sales income, create positive leads, and effectively guide our clientele to develop new trends in the market and make the most with existing ones.


Why is SEO and Online Marketing Important?


In today’s world most businesses have websites, but a only small percentage of these existing sites are properly optimized. Not only a poorly optimized sites will cost businesses a lot more money, it also converts poorly due to lacking the right contents, attracting wrong audience, subsequently causing businesses to loose money online.  PPC campaigns can be very expensive unless they are being monitored and constantly updated by a SEO expert or a team with a strong knowledge of Google Ad-words so on… Unless these variances are updated on a webpage, it will be very hard to generate revenue online.  All this information about SEO can be found for free online but it requires a lot of reading and time invested to understand it.



Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing get paid every time someone clicks on your advertising name if a PPC campaign is being used and a question that needs an answer is whether business utilizing Search Engines for advertising are generating revenue. In order to start converting these PPC and bringing in a higher revenue a lot needs to happen, like knowing your audience, attracting them to your website and getting them to execute business transaction on your site are all too important key factors that can not be ignored, high traffic alone will not boost sales or revenue for your business.

Strategically planning and promoting your business is critical to its success, being innovative and constantly thinking outside the box provides managers with competitive advantage. Identifying priorities, establishing goals and agreements around intended outcomes is crucial to generating more business revenues. The Internet has enabled the market with lots of free tools that can be used to spy on business, so it is very important to have strategy and understand it. Being strategically means to having more than one strategy, there is always possibility these plans may not be as effective as one want it to be, so why not be innovative and develop several strategies and have them readily available in your arsenal to constantly engage the market and achieve winning superiority.


Oba Revenues supports innovation framework to bring companies to a higher level of income. Positive results can be easily obtained with a group of experienced professionals supporting your business. Identifying strengths and weaknesses is key to surviving in business; our project managers are highly experienced in achieving these texts for you. Your Business is important to us, and our success depends on your success. Learn more by contacting one of our experienced associates today.

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